Spring Awakening Workshop

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Friday April 26th, Saturday April 27th, Sunday 28th, 2019

As the first flowers of the season grace us with their presence. We will be meeting for a 3 day flower and macro workshop. With hopes of a great harvest, we will be seeing Blue Poppies, Pansies, Narcissus, Tulips, Crocus, Hyacinth, Blue Bells, Snapdragons, Pansies, Magnolia Blooms, Allium which I have adored for years and never met!

Along with a vast collection of flowering trees, ferns, plants and so much more...


Join Me at this Magical Haven Of Gorgeous Beauty to discover this years Spring Flowers and Blooms!!

Each day will start with instruction and hands on training in Macro Water Droplet Photography. As the light begins to emerge we will move in to the gardens for instruction on capturing flowers in full and soft focus. You will be learning how to incorporate surrounding light, bokeh & colors as backgrounds to support your flower subjects. We will cover composition and image framing with assistance in selecting subjects. We will also discuss how to present your images and directional examples of post processing thoughts and suggestions for your images. 


We will break for lunch and then have a review from your morning sessions. Following the review we will return to the gardens for an afternoon shoot. During this time, I will offer assistance based on the results of your morning review and introduce using a diffuser and a plamp.

The goal is to move you forward in your skills and abilities while learning enhanced styles and techniques to capture art.


If you are interested in a Thursday 25, April 2019 date in advance to the 3 day workshop.


This day will be for those that wish to submit a 10-15 count image series from your portfolio prior to the garden shoot.

These images should show your skills in macro and close-up flower and droplet photography.

You can submit images with or without processing. It is strongly encouraged to submit images without textures.

Your portfolio will be intensely reviewed in advance with a personalized written review to each artist.

The information gathered from your personal review submissions will be discussed as we shoot together and cover your strengths and areas of improvement.


* Again, this workshop is for any level.

Each person must be able to operate their own equipment and have general knowledge of their lenses.

Financial Commitment: 1 day $149.00, 2 Day $289.00, Three Day $439.00.  


*Not Included With The Workshop: Garden Admission, Meals, Transportation & Stay.  


© Copyright: All material and images are copyright, all rights reserved: P.R.LAMBROS Natures Mystique Photography 2018
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