Field To Frame Symposium

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 Thursday July 18th, & Friday July 19th, 2019

                                 A Field To Frame Mentoring Symposium

Thank you for your interest.

We will be meeting at:


Join me for a Two Day Intensive Photography Training & Intro To Proper Post Processing Workshop.


 -Thursday July 18th, 2019

A day of intensive photography working in the morning and afternoon.   You will have mentoring & teaching all through the day. 

We will meet at the Main Entrance for the a.m. session.  And if we are fortunate for an evening rain or early watering.  We will address water droplets first thing.  Followed By: learning Compositions to include using background lighting and framing.  Each person will be worked with individually and have your images looked at and reviewed individually.  We will also work in a group atmosphere for main instruction and customized per person.

Followed by an afternoon shoot.  During this session we will work on composing your images along with individualized assistance based on your morning session captures, your lenses, skill level, needs and style. 


-Friday July 19, 2019 

The morning session meets up first thing at the aquatic garden for Water Lily & Lotus Subjects.  

This segment is geared toward capturing your images with the finished image vision in mind.  I will demonstrate and offer my process from "field to frame" as we shoot together during both days.  We will have a group question segment before we break for lunch.


We will meet after lunch for a 2 hour post production demonstration and interactive segment including Q & A.  We will work on managing image processing skills using Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop & On1.  This segment will help you hone your skills while learning an intro into a few very important tools, proper cropping and enlarging for print. The main objective is to develop a proper work flow module both in the field and in post production. 

The main focus of this workshop will be: how take an image from start to finish, using proper image selection, working with lighting, lens selection, composition, and focus. 

As moments present themselves during the course of the photography sessions I will demonstrate and assist you in using a plamp and diffuser. 

This entire process offers you the experience and knowledge for you take an image in the field, learn a simple easy workflow in post processing, while developing your skills to successfully bring your images to print.

-All attendees will be given a printed workbook to follow when they get home. 

Including the post production skills we learned, tips, shortcuts, and moving forward to the next steps.  A list of print production tips, with basic printing knowledge and medium selections. Including discounts and referrals to reputable leaders in the print industry I have used and highly recommend.

-Again, this workshop is for any skill level.

*Each person must be able to operate their own equipment and have general knowledge of their cameras and lenses.  Each photographer is responsible for managing and carrying their own equipment.  Your financial commitment for this 2 day workshop is $379.00. Early-bird sign-up thru April 18th, 2019 is $349.00

*Not Included With The Workshop: Meals, Transportation & Stay.

 -Things you should bring: a hat, sun screen, rain gear, comfortable walking shoes. 

   Optional items if you have them: image storage, a small diffuser, a plamp, your own

   laptop and a computer mouse.     

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